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The purpose of this service is to supply Photography and Video services to both residential and commercial customers. Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) equipped with everything from the highest resolution cameras, to GPS Integration, the Above Ground UAV photographic team provides video/photographic images for a number of applications. This list is not exhaustive as applications become more apparent on a daily basis. The aerial views and footage are now very affordable as technology advances.

Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) equipped with everything from the highest resolution cameras, to GPS integration, Above Ground UAV provides videos/images, mapping measurements, and infrared scans to provide a view that was typically only attainable via helicopter and airplane services.

The People

While one person flies the UAV, another member of the flight crew controls the imagery function of the operation. Keith Cook is typically found masterfully manipulating the images and other data he is getting, also ensuring that the UAV is positioned accordingly.

Keith has been flying UAV's for a number of years and a very skillful and successful Pilot. He has flown many variations of UAVs and is able to build and adapt this equipment for a variety of applications. From quad-copters (4 rotors) to multi-rotor (4 or more), his ability is unmistakably of a very high standard.

Keith has also had many years of experience within the photography and video industry and is very conversant within that field. He undertakes the task of final product editing/production duties and is fully knowledgeable with all areas of software used by major TV & Film companies. Attention to detail plays a major role, ensuring that the customer is very happy with the finished product.


Keith have received specialized flight training through CCUVS (Civil & Commercial Unmanned Vehicle Systems) or Canadian Unmanned, based in Medicine Hat, AB. During this course, he received an aircraft Radio Operator's License issued by Industry Canada and is legally able to converse with Civil or Commercial Aircraft.

Above Ground UAV are in possession of a standing Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) issued by Transport Canada. This enables them to legally operate commercially. They also hold $1,000,000 ARFG All Risks Flight & Ground Liability Insurance.

Do you need to measure volume or area of stockpiles in the mining or forestry industries?

Do you need to create index maps for the precision agriculture sector?

Do you need to generate contour lines and manage environmental changes of natural resources?

Do you need to produce maps and models for Bridge, Road or Rail construction?


We Can Help...!!!

Nature & Conservation

Surrounded by postcard scenery and breathtaking views, we strive to improve and promote our understanding of conservation. Natural habitats for our wildlife, as well as our very important woodlands, need to be managed accordingly.  We are able to conduct woodland surveys that would help with forestry planning, stock inventory and section allocations.  Off road survey and mapping is also attainable with the help of sophisticated 3D modelling software.  Wildlife can be monitored on a regular basis to build trends and movement patterns within their natural surroundings.  There are many more applications that can be utilized for these types of projects or study.  If we can be of any assistance in any of these key areas, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.    

Bridge & Structure Inspections

There are thousands of kilometers of roadways in our province and many of us commute to and from work on a daily basis. Many of us use roadways that cross rivers or streams, spanned by bridges.  As with our roads, these bridges need to be monitored, inspected, maintained and repaired as necessary.  Inspections are carried out on a regular basis, but on occasions, can be difficult and hindered due to location or equipment.  With the assistance of our UAV and specialized camera equipment, we are able to get a better picture of any structure, its stress points, or any malformation or degradation of the material.  This will enable the inspector to have a clearer understanding of the structure, before starting work.  This is a safety feature that will eliminate any chance of accident or injury while inspecting.  If we can be of assistance in this area, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free, no obligation consultation. 

Real Estate Listings

In an age where "virtual tours" seem to be the norm on a realtor's website, why not create a visual experience for a potential buyer? Why not dictate exactly what you want to show off to a potential buyer? With a video made specifically for your listing, featuring aerial views of the building and property along with interior footage, you can showcase the entire package. Have a look at our sample video to get an idea of how this could work for you.

Quarry & Mine Stockpile Inventory

3D Mapping / Model Construction

By using photogrammetry software, we are able to take geographically tagged images and create point clouds and 3D computer models of stockpiles and are able to survey pieces of land and analyze any measurements our customers may require. From volume analysis of stockpiles, to mapping terrain, we provide this data in an understandable way, on our customers' terms. 

Street Mapping - Utility & Services Recognition

Street mapping is an aid to help local authorities and service providers to track or re-map utility services that have recently been installed or  provide updates to original service lines.